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Zeno Clash 2 continues the adventure of Gata, who fights against new and old conflicts. In the sequel there is an open gameplay with a great opportunity to explore the world around and elements of the RPG. Also you are waited by the expanded system of hand-to-hand fight which will make battles even more severe and fascinating.

- One of the not-so-great features of Zeno Clash was that this game was linear, not allowing you to explore the world around you. If a player saw an enormous fortress near his path, he could not go there and figure out what was happening in it. The developers then explained that their small company was simply not pulling the creation of an open world. Now all the restrictions will be removed, and gamers will be able to enjoy the study of the most remote corners.

- The physics of combat has undergone significant changes. If before the hero monotonously pounded his foes on the opponents, now Gat was able to aim, and his enemies learned to evade and put the blocks. If the enemy covers the left side of the face, try to aim on the right side. You can strike with full force, you can touch on the tangent, and if you are not lucky, you can please the fist in the air. From time to time the hero will be waited by enemy bosses (this too will be new to the game), and to destroy them will have to spend a lot of energy.

- Even while creating their previous game Rock of Ages, the developers of ACE Team decided to abandon the software engine Source in favor of Unreal Engine. According to the programmers, this solution helped to remove a lot of restrictions that were imposed by the peculiarities of Souce. In addition, the game should be much more beautiful visually - because when they were created they were inspired by the work of the great Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch and, in particular, his triptych "Garden of Earthly Delights". Also in the game developers have hidden links and allusions to the masterpieces of surrealism, which will find attentive and familiar with the art of gamers.

Special Edition includes:
The Art of ´Zenozoik´ digital artbook
Zeno Clash 2 Original Soundtrack
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