You can download more than 4.5 TB, 1.5 TB given

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Account on

After payment you will get an account with 1.5 TB (1536 GB) is not given to handing out (textual data, in the first line is the login, and secondly - the password, and the third - passkey)

You can download a virtually unlimited number of GB, even with a low rating, the only difference is that you are given a certain amount of downloading torrents a day, depending on the rating.

After purchasing you need to change your password and e-mail profile. We also accept orders to create accounts and raising the rating on this tracker. To do this, contact the ICQ or keeper specified in the contact.

Additional information

Dear customers! please leave your positive feedback after shopping on the page with the product purchased, for me it is important to you as it does not take much time, and in return you will receive a gift certificate to a 50% discount on goods purchased.

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Hurry up to buy a unit with a large face value of the goods for less money! The number of units sold is limited.

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