Which of the signs is not named (2009)

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Description Which of the signs is not named (2009)

1. Which of the signs is not named in the legal definition of entrepreneurial activity:

a) systematic;

b) the nature of the venture;

c) professionalism;

d) focus on making a profit.

2. Entrepreneurial activity is not recognized:

a) farms;

b) agricultural production cooperatives;

c) the state unitary enterprises;

d) private farms.

3. What is the minimum age required to do business?

a) 16 years;

b) 15 years;

c) 14 years.

4. Which of the non-profit organizations do not have the right to include in the founding documents of doing business?

a) Association of legal entities;

b) social organization;

c) a public corporation;

d) autonomous non-profit organization.

5. One person may be established:

a) a general partnership and national enterprise;

b) production cooperative and the limited partnership;

c) joint-stock company and a limited liability company;

d) any commercial organization.

6. The date of state registration of business entities recognized:

a) the time of submission of documents to the registering authority;

b) the time of making the registration authority corresponding entry in the State Register;

c) the date of issue of the registration documents to the applicant;

d) the time of registration with the tax authority.

7. Is there a reason for refusing the registration authority in the following state registration of legal persons in their creation?

a) Ltd. "prestigious"; Ltd. has two founders (natural person and Company), an application for state registration, which was submitted to the registration authority and signed by the Director of the Company.

b) of "Comtech"; a single executive body of CEO A., according to the documents, is located at in N, the regional center, and the documents submitted for registration in the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service in one of the regions N-Region.

c) ZAO "YaiKo"; It found that the company is not listed on the statement on state registration and constituent documents of the address location.

8. Inspection of the Federal Tax Service refused the state registration of JSC "Silhouette", because, in its view, certain provisions submitted for registration of the company's charter contradict the current legislation. In particular, para. 6.6 of the Charter of pre¬dusmatrivaet that accounting records to be destroyed after the audit by the tax authorities. According to para. 8.3 of the Charter of Joint Stock Company is considered liquidated from the date of the liquidation balance sheet to the registration authority.

Decide whether the refusal inspectorate? Give arguments.

These provisions are indeed contrary to the requirements of the Civil Code and the Federal Law "On Accounting". However, Article 23 of the Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" No provision of the Charter mismatch legislation as grounds for refusal of state registration.

9. A legal person is considered to have ceased their activities since:

a) decision on the termination of the founders;

b) inclusion in the State Register on the liquidation of the legal entity:

c) repayment of the full debt on taxes and mandatory payments;

g) messages to the registering authority on the termination of a legal entity.

10. The purpose of the associations and unions of legal entities under the current legislation are:

a) coordination of business activities;

b) profit-sharing and the distribution of it among the participants;

c) the provision of goods, provision of services to all members of the association or union;

d) all of the above.

11. If the separation balance sheet during the reorganization of the commercial organization does not allow to determine pravop

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