Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition Digital PC Game


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You can activate in the Russian Federation and the CIS
This game can be run only on PC
Ubisoft publisher

Activation Instructions:
The first steps are very simple:
(1) Download and install the Uplay client on your PC. If you have not installed it.
To download and install the Uplay client for the PC, do the following:
Follow the link
Download the file, run the file uplay.exe
Follow the instructions for installing Uplay on your computer.
(2) After installation, create an Uplay account.
To create an Uplay account, open the installed Uplay client, after
Download and install it. To do this, on the account entry screen, select "Create new
account ". After registering an account. You need to log in. Enter your login and
password that you specified during registration.
After logging in, in order to turn off the key, you need to click the icon in the upper left corner
In the drop-down list, select "Activate key". Enter the purchased key and press
activate. After activating the key, the game will start downloading and installing. After finishing
installation, in the "Games" you can run it.

Additional information

About the product
Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition video game is an enhanced version that provides access to two unique sets of content. They include the means of personalizing the appearance of the main character, weapons, vehicles, drones and much more. Such content makes the gameplay much more interesting, and also opens up new opportunities for the player.

In the new part of the gamer expects a large space, created on the basis of the real city of San Francisco. In it, he will be able to find both colorful beaches and high-rise buildings in the central part, as well as gloomy slums.

In Watch Dogs 2, gamers will have to meet young hacker Marcus Holloway. He is subject to various types of weapons, including self-made, as well as vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and much more. In addition, during the game, he will find items that improve his abilities or allow him to put useful skills into practice.

The developers paid a lot of attention to the surrounding landscapes, three-dimensional models of characters and objects, due to which the player creates a feeling of complete immersion in the virtual world. It is greatly enhanced by the support of high resolution and high frame rate.

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