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VPN - Virtual Private Network, Virtual Private Network. This is a logical network built on top of existing networks based on the public channels or virtual Internet networks.

The essence of this technology is that when you connect to the VPN server using special software over the public network has a connection to organized encrypted channel that provides high protection of information transmitted through the use of special algorithms.

First of all, VPN is a reliable protection of your anonymity on the Internet. Using a VPN You can not worry that your IP address will be recorded when visiting sites, writing emails, communicating in instant messengers.

Just by using VPN, you can visit any blocked sites - such as social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World, Facebook, etc.

Additional information

Access to 3 (three) of the server of your choice for a period of one month

Our servers are located:

United Kingdom (UK) - 6 servers

United States (US) - 5 servers

Czech Republic (CZ) - 2 servers

Slovakia (SK) - 1 server

Netherlands (NL) - 1 server

Sweden (SE) - 1 server

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