Vlad Kim - Space Oddity, or Eyes We Cosmos

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Description Vlad Kim - Space Oddity, or Eyes We Cosmos

What can push a boy the age of eighteen to publish a book? In fact, it is quite simple: the same thing that motivated people of all ages and nations to create something greater than what we have come to expect from an ordinary man: love for his work, a little dedication and, most importantly, support true friends with whom to share the burden of the process can be, and then the fruit reached the goal. Speaking of the latter, in the creation of this book played a huge role each author, Nikita Petrunenko who in essence is its creator. As the author, I express my sincere thanks to his close friend Nikita, because he showed altruistic initiative and help in the process of publishing a book, becoming the cause for which you are now and keep it in their hands.

Rather than a book, but a collection of stories provides the experience and reasoning of the young author, he has accumulated in his first eighteen years of life. At first glance, short stories, built on a typical teenager thoughts about life, death and love naturally, enabling the skilled reader to guess their ending, in fact, may remind someone of what he himself liked to think and argue, together with friends, in his later years, but he forgot to capture their thoughts on paper. Reading this collection does not require many hours of focus and analysis of complex issues; the aim of the book is rather to allow the reader to plunge into the shadow of recent years and ask yourself again: "Do not forget I something important, since I had to part with his carefree young life? Does not killed me some dream and I have not lost the sincere enthusiasm for life that had ... had once? "

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