Verification work on an engineering drawing 4_4_8,12-19

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Work done on the training manual for external students Frolova

Descriptive Geometry Engineering Graphics

guidance and control tasks

1982 edition.


KR 4 Theme 4. Options 8.12

Presentation http://xn--d1aqfdigh.xn--p1ai/example/


Construction of three images on two reports, the implementation of cuts and sections, performance perspective (perspective view with a cut).

Work done on the instructions of the manuals. File Format TIFF black and white, resolution 200dpi - can be opened in Windows XP and printed without special programs.

Before buying, consult with your drawing specification.

Additionally - in the upper part of the drawings are my contact details that should be erased before printing, if you are going to take this figure "as is". For this operation, you can use any bitmap editor of Windows or Office.

Additional information

Guaranteed to direct buyers to solve the problem correctly - 3 weeks after purchase (if there are any errors - I promise to fix).

The term fixes - 1 week.

Due to my lack of possible from July to October, to the warranty period and fixes added to the period (in case of partial overlap).

In practice, this work has already surrendered, and no error was detected, though this is due, rather, not with my reliability, and the practice of casual inspection of the work of teachers.

To verify the contents or the applicability of the control work to your course, as well as detecting errors or improvements necessary, please refer to the Help Forum


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