Valve (fig + 3d model)

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The valve is designed for transmission fluid. By rotating the handwheel pos. 5 counterclockwise

spindle Pos. 6 with the valve key. 8 will rise and liquid to pass. To stop the flow

liquid handwheel should be rotated clockwise until it stops.

To prevent leakage of liquid through the gaps between the key body. 1 and item details. 4 and 6

It provides the packing of the rings pos. 12. O-rings are pressed flange

Pos. 4, which is attached by pins pos. 13 and nuts pos. 10. In order to seal between the housing Pos. 1

and the cover pos. 2 put the gasket Pos. 9.

Additional information

3-d model is made in KOMPAS V14. For the correct opening of the assembly it is recommended to remove all files from the archive to a folder, and then only to open.

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