Unlocking the tablet Megafon Login 3 (MT4A). Code.

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Description Unlocking the tablet Megafon Login 3 (MT4A). Code.

Unlocking the tablet Megafon Login 3 (MT4A) is carried out on the contents of the field and IMEI Encrypted Block, obtained using MFLogin3T Reader. Immediately after the payment for the goods, you will have the registration form, which will need to enter IMEI tablet (copied from the program MFLogin3T Reader) and the contents Encrypted Block, which is taken as the value of this program. After sending the data of the registration form in the "paid goods" instantly appears your unlock code. To unlock the tablet, insert the SIM-card of another operator and enter the resulting code NCK.

*** Attention! *** Getting NCK code is only possible when filling out the two fields, IMEI and Encrypted Block. If for some reason you could not use the program MFLogin3T Reader do not purchase the product.

*** How to get IMEI and Encrypted Block? ***

1. Download driver Qualcomm - http://unlockclub.ru/downloads/Driver_Qualcomm.7z

2. The tablet disconnects from the PC.

3. Unpack the archive and run DriverInstaller.exe, you install the driver.

4. Connect the tablet to a PC.

5. Go to the tablet Settings -> About the tablet.

6. Click on the model label (MFLogin 3T) 3 times.

7. You will engineering menu Qualcomm.

8. Go to the enable_adb and include the item "debugging USB".

9. After that, in the Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT) you get a few (2 or 3) COM-port.

10. Remember the number of the title that has a HS-USB Diagnostics (see. Screenshot)

11. Download the program MFLogin3 Reader - http://unlockclub.ru/downloads/MFLogin3T_Reader.exe.7z

12. Select the HS-USB Diagnostics COM-port from step 10.

13. Click "Read".

14. If everything is correct the program will IMEI of your device and the encrypted block (Encrypted Block).

15. For example:

IMEI: 12345678901245

- [Begin Encrypted Block] -


--- [End Encrypted Block] ---

16. There IMEI is a 15 digit unique identifier of the device, and Encrypted Block - the string of characters between - [Begin Encrypted Block] - and --- [End Encrypted Block] ---.

17. If you have received this information (see. Screenshot) - you can buy this product.

Additional information

Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- E-mail address (email);


- Encrypted Block;

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale of goods.

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