Top 23 profitable strategy for work on FOREX

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The latest set of ready-made profitable trading systems, which allows a person to earn real money in the FOREX market and other markets (stocks, indexes, options) .All system tested on a demo and live accounts only with a positive result.

The kit includes 23 trading systems in the form of a detailed description of each system, including illustrations, practical examples and advice of experienced traders:

1. Simple strategy for beginners

2. A simple strategy of moving averages

3. Strategy intraday trading

4. System "Combo"

5. Strategy "Break mean"

6. Tactics "triple confirmation"

7. Strategy "shadows"

8. The strategy based on Bollinger Bands

9. The strategy of "Breakthrough of the consolidation of 20 MA"

10. The strategy of topping Period

11. The strategy of the "trend"

12. And one more "trend" strategy

13. The strategy of "The Butterfly Effect"

14. The strategy "Forex Profit"

15. Strategy "Powerfull Tool" ("powerful tool")

16. The principles of trade on the moving averages

17. Methods of scalping the market (6 effective techniques)

18. Technique "Horse channels"

19. Volatility Breakout System

20. Another method of trading currencies on the basis of volatility

21. Complete Trading System TURTLES ("Turtle")

22. "Tunnel Method" on the hourly charts

23. Another "channel strategy"

Nothing superfluous, everything is explained as accessible language, which is able to understand almost everyone.

The kit includes both well-known, time-tested trading systems collected by the author from free sources (including translations from other languages), as well as a number of unique, new strategies. After payment you will receive an e-book (exe-book) with texts and illustrations.

Additional information

<< To Customers. >> Resale of goods wholly or in part of the fact finding zapreschena.Pri We serve immediately reselling complaint arbitrazh.My value our reputatsiey.Esli you have any questions on products, pishite.V if you do not contact with us, and received comments on some libu question, leave a negative review, you will be a complaint to the Tribunal by the owner of a personal Webmoney attestata.V Unlike free counterparts of this system, available online on the shareware basis (demo version, calculated on a month of work), the system is fully operational without ogranicheniya.Prodavets not responsible for trading decisions made by you on the FOREX market on the basis of this system.

<< Bonus. >> If you bought this item and leave positive feedback, write to the address listed in our contacts, and we will send you a gift EXCELLENT SYSTEM FOREX-Trading "TREND FOLLOWER" (the original 16-indicator trading system description, which we are co-authors) The amount of bonuses is limited!

< \u003cP.S.\u003e > In order to avoid losses and disappointments as professionals recommend that you use only systems of serious, proven authors and do not be tempted to "beautiful pictures" in the descriptions in the amateurs, and "pirates" With respect, an international team of developers "Condor FX".

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