thesis repair steering worm

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The degree project comprises: 7 sheets of A-1, poyasnitel-ing a note of 58 pages, 11 figures, list of the used-whether in an amount of 6 erature sources.

The object of repair - the steering control car "VAZ - 2106".

The aim of the thesis - developed process for repair, restoration and analysis of the mechanisms posleremontnogo py-left government.




1. Brief technical characteristics of the car VAZ-2106

2. Appointment of the device, the operating principle of a steering

2.1. Steering gear

2.2. Steering column

2.3. The steering rods and joints

3. Maintenance and repair steering

3.1. Care steering

3.2. Care of the steering column

3.3. Caring for steering rods and joints

3.4. Repair of steering

3.4.1. Repair of steering

3.4.2. Repair of the steering column

3.4.3. Repair of steering rods and joints

3.5. Check and adjust the steering to auto-mobile

4. Tools and equipment for repair steering

4.1. Removal and installation of the steering mechanism

4.2. Disassembly and assembly of gear

4.3. Check and repair of parts of the steering mechanism

4.4. Repair of steering gear

4.5. Repair of the idler arm



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