The trade union committee and representatives of the employer (2008)

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Description The trade union committee and representatives of the employer (2008)

Objective 1

The trade union committee and representatives of the employer during the negotiation of a collective agreement have not been able to work out a common position on the issue of the duration of the additional leave granted at the expense of the organization. Representatives of the employer insisted on the provision of additional leave the duration of 14 calendar days, the heads of departments and senior staff. Members of the trade union committee are requested to provide additional leave for all categories of specialists, but no more than 7 calendar days.

Is it possible to continue collective bargaining and in what order? What is the procedure of collective bargaining and to overcome the differences?

Task 2

Zharov, worked as a fitter of 5 category in the machine shop carburetor plant, due to the industrial accident, to prevent downtime was transferred to the tool shop for two months, where he was assigned to work locksmith 3 digits. Zharov by transfer refused, explaining his refusal by saying that the job offered to him less qualified and started to work, in connection with which an employer sacked him for absenteeism.

What are the rules of the temporary transfer. What guarantees are provided for the temporary transfer of an employee by the employer?

I did the right of the employer to transfer Zharov from one shop to another? Zharov is not entitled to start a new job? Is it legal to actions of the employer, and why?

Objective 3

Technologist Karpov was dismissed on grounds of redundancy. Karpov disagreed and filed an application for reinstatement to court. In a statement, he pointed out that the order of dismissal was issued during his annual leave, without the prior consent of the trade union committee of the enterprise.

What decision should stand trial? What is the procedure of dismissal of employees for redundancy? Who and under what conditions has the preferential right to remain at work when staff reductions?

Task 4

Head of procuring shop fur factory on March 25 issued an order according to which on April 1 of this year increased production quotas for all major workers by 10%. Considering these standards too high, not meet the conditions and work organization, a group of workers appealed to the elected trade union committee of the enterprise to oblige shop superintendent to cancel the order.

Is the requirement of the workers? In what order and under what conditions may be revised performance standards on a particular company? What is real in this situation may take the trade union?

Objective 5

Millers 3 digits Makarov due to absence of more than a skilled worker foreman instructed to make the item, many processing operations that relate to the complexity of the work 5th category. From this work Makarov refused, citing his lack of qualifications. Promising to raise the category of Makarov, Master persuaded him to take up the assigned work. As a result, the item was married, for correction which had to spend 500 rubles.

It can be placed on Makarova liability for the damage? List the conditions for liability of workers according to the norms of the labor law.

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