The staff is not paid (2010)

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Description The staff is not paid (2010)

Objective 1

The staff is not paid monthly wages for several months.

What method (form) to protect their rights? Where should they turn? What is the difference between the manner and form of protection right? What forms of protection of infringed subjective rights and interests protected by law under the current legislation?

Task 2

The judge's ruling (upheld by subsequent courts), refused to accept the claim Bogucharovo to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for compensation for material damage and compensation for moral damage caused by the death of his son during his military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, because the motive that the proper defendant in the case It is a recruitment office.

Analyze the situation from the point of view of the rule of law, access to justice and optionality. Open the principles of civil procedural law.

Objective 3

The statement of claim the guardianship authority on the deprivation of parental rights Serov against daughter Irina (10 years) the guardianship authority named by the plaintiff, the mother Irina - co-plaintiff, Serov - defendant. The statement contained a request for interrogation as a witness Irina.

It is defined procedural status of these persons?

Formulate the concept of "persons involved in the case"; "Parties" in the civil proceedings. Call them signs difference.

Task 4

Indicate which of the following cases, the procedural participation is mandatory:

A) of the suit to evict a family of three;

B) the claim for a retraction of false information discrediting the honor and dignity of the plaintiff contained in the service characteristics;

B) at the suit of the section of hereditary property between the three heirs (the lawsuit was filed by one of the heirs);

D) the claim for alimony for the maintenance of elderly parents;

D) on the claim to both parents for deprivation of parental rights.

Expand the concept and name types of procedural complicity. What are the procedural rights and obligations of partners?

Objective 5

According to the company claim Subbotina 'autoline' reinstatement on behalf of the defendant in the court attended by counsel and counsel. The proceedings involved and the director of automotive enterprises.

Entitled to have a hand in the case of several representatives?

How should those representatives authority to take shape and the director?

What are the subjects of representation of the current Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation.

Task 6

1. Determine the jurisdiction of the following disputes:

A) at the request of Ivanov on protection of honor, dignity and moral damages to the newspaper "Ural worker";

B) at the request of "Agroimport" about protection of business reputation and compensation for material damage caused by defamation, the Committee on Consumer Protection under the administration of Yekaterinburg;

B) at the request of the Orlovsky to his ex-wife on the division of land in the gardening association;

D) at the request of legal counsel Ivanova contesting the order to impose on him a disciplinary sanction in the form of a reprimand for losing the case in court (the commission on labor disputes at the enterprise has not been created);

D) at the request of Zorin, an employee of JSC "Surgutneftegaz" for him as a dwelling in need of better housing conditions.

2. What are the main bodies authorized to resolve legal matters. What criteria determine the jurisdiction of the legal business?

3. Can the agreement between the parties to change the jurisdiction of the court of general jurisdiction and arbitration court?

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