The socio-economic statistics option 8

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In an industrial plant

The average number of workers was 15250 persons:

average set working hours - 6.9 hours

number of calendar days in the period - 366;

number of working days-305

the number of days actually worked - 266;

the duration of the next holidays - 18 days;

average per worker absenteeism due to illness and childbirth accounted for 15 days,

absenteeism justified by law - 5 days;

All day downtime - 1 day

holidays and weekends - 61 days.

The number of actual man-hours worked by all workers - 16367250 person-hours.

Build balance of working time in man-hours and person-days.


1) calendar, the personnel, the maximum possible time funds;

2) man-days actually worked by all workers;

3) utilization rates of the calendar; standard-issue, as much as possible the time the funds;

4) The utilization rate of the working day;

5) the integral utilization of working time.

The results are analyzed and conclusions.

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