The second lesson learned from the 5-in OrCAD

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The second lesson learned out of 5

The course consists of five lessons. After this course you can create simple (single) concepts in a system of prefabricated elements and simple printed circuit board plant. The course is designed for people who have never worked in this system, but would like to learn the basics of the system.

Course content (for lessons):

1. Creation of the concept in the Capture.

2. Preparation * .mnl file.

3. Binding of circuit elements with footprint-th PCB.

4. Enter the border of the PCB and the automatic placement of elements.

5. Automatic PCB layout.

The course consists of documents prepared in a text editor, word and video files with the extension * .avi, showing the stages of the design. At the end of each lesson, you are invited to perform a control task.

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