The script boards

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Description The script boards


1) Organize a complete bulletin board

2) user account

3) Adding ads to users

4) Edit ads by user

5) Regional override ads

6) See ads specific region / Categories

7) Adding your bookmarks (account)

8) Deposit through and

9) Paid services

9.1) Allocation of ads

9.2) Raising ads

9.3) Installation of the ad unit VIP

10) Adding ads through the admin panel

11) Ad Management through admin panel

12) Activation / deviation of adding ads through the admin panel

13) Blocking users through the admin panel

14) View history (logs) recharges

15) Change data / balance the user through the admin panel

And much more ...


(1) unzip the server

(2) to import database stored in the root directory

(3) to enter the data base file mysql.php


Additional information

Demo: - Labor Exchange on this script - board

Example product:,_2010

To install and configure in the archive attached file readme.txt

The script works with coding database and file UTF8

WARNING: This product is sold AS IS (as it is)! There may be some moments outside, or shoals. In this connection, and the price is more cost-effective.

Support for the script is not performed. The archive after payment, you will get the same as the example.

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