The practice criminal case (2009)

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Description The practice criminal case (2009)


1. The practice of criminal case 3

2. Problem number 1 October

August 20, 2009 Slepneva been disruptive attacks, which caused serious damage to her health. As a result of the preliminary audit it found that the attack was made Kharlamov, who suffers from an incurable mental illness and is under the supervision of doctors psychiatric clinic.

Investigator refused to open a criminal case, citing the refusal that Kharlamov suffering psychiatric illness and can not be held criminally responsible for their actions.

Are the actions of the investigator?

Problem number 3. February 12

Investigator Sox have repeatedly heard from his friend Lyudmilinoy that her husband beats. Lyudmilina complained of systematic beatings, but to apply it would not, explaining that it did not work, and the husband is the sole breadwinner of the family. Then Sox he ruled that a criminal case under part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal Code. Rate the actions of the investigator. What is the procedure for bringing cases of private prosecution?

List of sources used and literature 13

Appendix 14

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