The organization and conduct of trading (2010)

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Description The organization and conduct of trading (2010)


1. The procedure for organizing and conducting tenders on the sale of land or rights of their lease. 3

2. The task. 13

On a plot of land in the Moscow region Gangway, designated in 1950 for the construction of a residential building citizen Reutov, the last in 1996, decided to drill a hole directly on the site to provide their farms with water and set the engine to lift water from a depth of 25 meters, explaining that the water from the well of the city because of its shallow depth (3 meters) is not clean enough.

Reutov entitled to carry out such work on their plot of land?

Who owns the subsoil and water bodies?

Define the subsoil and groundwater bodies.

3. The task. 15

Rublev Citizen filed a lawsuit demanding to agrofirm "Rus" on the allocation of its land from the land for the organization on its peasant (farmer's) economy. In support of his claims, he said that he was a member of the collective farm "Precepts of Ilyich", later transformed into the Agricultural company "Rus". The transformation (reorganization) of the collective farm, is a specialized economy growing heifers as part of the agricultural firm combine "Domodedovo", took place in two stages: in 1992, the farm has been transformed into an association of peasant farms - entrepreneurs of the same name and the same profile as part of the plant " Domodedovo ", and in 1993 all structural units of the plant, including the farm" Precepts of Ilyich "were transformed into the agricultural company" Russia "with the preservation of their specialization.

The representative of the defendant objected to the claim, the court explained that allocate land to the plaintiff is not possible, because the agricultural company "Rus" - breeding complex has a large herd of cattle, for the repair of the herd to grow their own young. The economy is experiencing an acute shortage of land for the production of their own feed. In addition, the ruble has worked on the farm until its reorganization in association farms only 1 day and refused to join the association.

Is it right was denied Rublev in the allocation of land share in the restructuring of the collective farm "Precepts of Ilyich" in association neprodolzhitelnosti farms because of his work on the farm?

Does the right to obtain Rublev land from the lands of the agricultural firm "Rus"?

Solve the case.

List of sources used and literature 20

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