The Mystery of the Sun Princess - 4

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So, at last we are at Arvitana, we started the final stage of our studies. A month later release, but ... it is very possible that before this epic moment my humble person will not live. Teika predicted to us all a terrible and painful death. Come on, it´s just that. Inar, so that he would hiccup, told his mother about us. Now I´m hiding from her, as well as from the suddenly falling on my head relatives. But those stubborn, do not lag behind. And there is still no fiancé imposed on the passage, the custodian of suspicious looks suspiciously, obviously something is plotting, murderers on my soul almost every day, in Illyria wrong things are happening, and in Arvitan to the tranquility oh how far. But we do not learn to give half-breeds. So ... it means everything will be fine, if only one severe and strict tyrant to amuse me will not hurt.

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