The legal regime of land granted (2010)

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Description The legal regime of land granted (2010)


1. The legal regime of the land granted to the indigenous peoples of Siberia and the Far East. 3

2. The task. 11

Rusakov citizen having the right of permanent use of land granted to him for a holiday farm in 1982, appealed to the local authorities with a statement about re-land on the property right. The decision of the local administration, he was denied re-registration of land in the ownership and offered to sign a long term lease of the land. Rusakov Citizen appealed the decision of the local administration in court.

Subject to satisfaction of the complaint of a citizen if Rusakova?

Solve the case.

3. The task. 13

Plemzavod Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region appealed to the administration of the Moscow region with a request for clarification on the following issues:

Involves whether the inclusion within the city of Krasnogorsk land granted to employees breeding center for private farming, termination of rights to land?

They can be withdrawn breeding farm land previously granted to him for use, if they are included in the line Krasnogorsk?

Will the legal status of these lands, in particular, the size of the land tax?

Give a written response to questions.

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