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Industrial production at low cost with a profit of 300%

Payback in 2-3 months. We are the developers of this technology, as the producers of these products, we are not crooks, we have extensive experience working with clients.

Our development has no analogues, recognized as the best design for the interiors of buildings, offices, houses, flats. Aluminum is a purely ecological material, durable, has good heat dissipation, does not rust easily processed material from which the products of the highest quality .Polimernoe coating - perfect, does not require additional expenses such as primer Shpatlevanie, varnishing, which takes time and therefore requires additional costs. A huge palette of colors for any interior

Additional information

Hello we have the honor to offer you the production technology of aluminum on iron lathing battery. Our company is a thriving market 7y.o. manufactures products which is unique in SNG.Nasha develop an optimal solution for consumers in Russia and Republics lying near the post Soviet space.

Our goal: To train stakeholders SME manufacturing our products .Rasshirit business in countries in need of such products .Predostavit full description and drawings of machines of this technology, as well as by the customer can produce a complete set-up of production at the customer's location (corresponding surcharge ) .When purchasing this technology, in the event of any questions you can always contact us and get free advice .Also given the current situation in the CIS countries, this business is very profitable.

This technology is easy to organize, on the whole plant must be space for a maximum of 100 square meters. m 3 and the presence of workers.

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