Test MFPA Legal basis of appraisal activity

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1. ... it is not a requirement to subject of appraisal activity

A) Be a legal entity

B) a member of the SRO Appraisers

B) Being a member of the National Council of valuation activity

2. riverboat as the object of evaluation - it's ...

A) security

B) immovable

B) a movable

3. In assessing the immovable property located on the right of business FSUE, the customer is entitled to be rated ...

A) General Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise

B) the potential buyer

B) The Russian Federal Property Fund

4. Evaluate optionally at ...

A) mortgage loans

B) there is a dispute about the value of the mortgage

B) make a non-monetary contribution to the authorized capital of LLC

5. ... it is the subject of appraisal activity

a) the appraiser

b) the customer

c) the supervisory authority

d) The Government of the Russian Federation

6. For legal entities ... the appraiser (s), working (them) under an employment contract, that the organization can enter into contracts for evaluation

A) can not have any

B) must have one

B) is required to have two

7. The mandatory requirements for the evaluator is ...

A) the absence or repayment established convictions

B) the availability of time in the field of valuation activities

B) A contribution to the compensation fund appraisers

D) the availability of special education in the field of valuation activities

8. The function of the self-regulatory organization of appraisers is ...

A) the development of federal valuation standards

B) verification of the activities of appraisers

B) the development of rules of business and professional ethics Appraisers

9. Determine the order of foreclosure on the sources of accountability appraisers:

1) the property appraiser (his employer)

2) compensation fund

3) the sum insured

10. A derogation from the concept of market value is ...

A) high wear object of evaluation

B) the alleged exchange of object evaluation barter

B) an intangible object shape estimation

11. The contract must specify the assessment ...

A) the basis of assessment

B) Type of property assessment

B) the name of the self-regulatory organization of appraisers, of which the appraiser

D) defined by the value of the kind of

12. The evaluator has the right to report ... the impossibility of assessing

A) the employer

B) to the customer

B) NSOD (National Council of valuation activity)

D) of its self-regulatory organization

... 13. approves the position of membership in a self-regulatory organization of appraisers

A) The general meeting of SRO SRO

B) Collective executive body self-regulatory organization

B) The sole executive body of the self-regulatory organization

D) the Disciplinary Committee

D) Department monitoring the evaluation activity

14. ... can not (can not) be the subject of evaluation

a) Goodwill legal entity

b) Intellectual property

c) Radioactive materials

15. Independent evaluations necessarily the case ...

a) exclusion of significant public property

b) nationalization

c) the purchase and sale

16. If the evaluation report identified "reasonable cost" must be considered ...

A) the cost of reproduction

B) the liquidation value

B) the cost of the utilization

D) the market value

17. In assessing the two types of values \u200b\u200bmust be enclosed contract ... (a)

A) 1

B) 2

B) 3

18. The contract must specify the assessment ...

A) the basis of assessment.

B) Type of property valuation.

B) the name of the self-regulatory organization of appraisers, of which the appraiser

D) defined by the value of the kind of

19. In the event of an insured event compensation fund SRO appraisers may be paid (a) ...

A) 30 000 p.

B) 300 000r.

B) 600 000 rub.

D) 9,000,000 p.

E) any amount (no restrictions)

20.Razmer insur

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