TECHNOLOGY filming amateur movies

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From the author

Chapter I. The choice of themes

Family on the screen

Holidays with a Movie Camera


The research, popularization and education


Maybe something about the plot?

Chapter II. With or without a script?

Principle two "k" (concept and design)

Creating a literary script

Scenario Documentation

Chapter III. Shooting script

The main means of expression movies

Development of the shooting script

What is the installation plan?

Chapter IV. The preparatory period

Predsemochnaya documentation

Selecting artists

Organization of the work on the set

Chapter V. The camera is ready!

Composing the image

Intra movement

Traffic Cameras

Movement and time

Installing the camera

Something about the stage design of the film

In the sun and light bulbs


Chapter VI. Withdraw - means to put

What is the basis of the film production?

The director on the set

Space concept

Time management

Objective and subjective camera

Chapter VII. What of it?


Prevention of technical errors

Chapter VIII. Glue or mount?

Problems mount

Mount film

Chapter IX. To Picture speaks

Sound Services Movie

Audio Recording

Chapter X. premiere tomorrow!

Preparation of film projection

If the image and sound live together filmgoers film library



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