Suvenir- "Heart"

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Souvenir made by the hands, the best gift favorite. This gift can be made with your own hands quickly, for a penny. And looks gorgeous! Complete assembly manual with the scheme and photos.

Additional information

Souvenir (fr. Souvenir - a memory, the memory) - the subject intended to remind about something. Making gifts predstavlet a 3D-heart on a small, inconspicuous base which houses the filling makes the heart "beat" throwing red glow on the surrounding area. Souvenir was made to his girlfriend on the "Valentine's Day". In the darkness of 3D-heart it looks like a light, weightless, independent, crystal-efimernoe, navozhdenie mirage. In this technology, a similar method can be created other images, more suitable to the next holiday or celebration. It connects to the network 220V. Assembling the heart requires skill with soldering equipment and precautions for handling stress. It can be made a child of 14 years under the supervision of adults.

Hurry loved to give gifts !!!

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