SUPERSKRIPT CASINO !!! CRAZY WM !!! Full version + all notes and hints

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What you buy:


CRAZY WM - crazy money !!!

This is a very powerful script online casinos you can download pay for the goods.

The archive is a detailed description of installation and setup, a casino and WMSigner.

It works with WebMoney implementing instant payment.

This is a completely new engine of your incomes for!

installing this casinos, users simply nesmogut go out, they will come back every day and keep their money

at the same time bring your friends !!!

You will need a powerful hosting to service this influx of visitors!) And the money you'll have to pull the shovel, so that nezabudte buy more and shovel!)

Hosting Requirements

- PHP 4.0 and module CURL

- Good passageway as Players will be very much !!!

As workers requezt price reduced !!!!

You want to get a bonus?

Ostavtavte positive feedback and send me an e-mail!

Additional information

To work with WM, you will need a personal certificate.

In operation

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