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Crazy sale on the site

Want to save 45 dollars and 89 cents?

"Especially for You Super collection of the best Russian goods business for a pittance"

Here are the best products for which you may have dreamed of but because of the high prices they could not afford.

And here they are, right in front of you: 7 selected products for the introduction of an online business at a very low price.

Now we're going to list these seven products as long as you turn on the calculator. At the end of the declared price of these goods.

"Warning: You will need patience and a calculator to explore all"

The collection includes:

El. The book "Confessions Kommersant" SALES HIT!

The "Master popup PRO"

Spec. The report, "Strategic Marketing"

32 Cancel lessons on business! (Html-format)

Business Arsenal "Best To Sell"

The complex "Mini-Site Generator Pro"

Multi-Script Generator "Lazy Joe"

Additional information

All of this you can buy for $ 2.99 online

Thus saving $ 45.89. And this is more than 1000 rubles.

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