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Description: Secrets of Rætikon - based on real physics game with an open world to explore. You are free to fly over the Alps, to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna to survive in extreme conditions, or simply enjoy the local scenery. To advance through the story you will have to guess the puzzles, opening new areas to explore, fight and learn the secrets of the universe.

Unusual 2D-arcade where the main emphasis is on the study of peace and ... the flight. After all, the player becomes the embodiment of the bird, and the site of action - the Alps.
Traveling through colorful levels, players will get acquainted with the rich (and sometimes dangerous) wildlife and reveal the secrets Retov - ancient tribes that lived in the valleys of the Western and Central Alps. World Secrets of Rætikon littered with strange artifact puzzle, whose mission you will discover. The graphics of the game is made in full polygonal 2D. Rare in these days, when many independent developers seeking to "pixelated" their arcade.

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