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For most people, New Year's Eve - the most favorite holiday.

New Year is called magical, mysterious, awesome, unique, charming. People expect another miracle tale light, new happiness ... This festival is invariably accompanied by joyful troubles and worries. At this time we are all trying to work part-time wizards, sorcerers, good fairies ...

But the feast need to be adjusted, to prepare it, that is willing to meet with New Year's miracle, be involved in its appearance. In this difficult task will help you our collection of scenarios - a kind of guide to leisure ustroitelstvu New Year. You'll find a variety of models of the New Year holiday in the circle of home, family, friends, classmates and co-workers. It also offers a variety of creative contests, games and Christmas fun for all tastes.



In zaychishek New Year

New Year's holiday in 2000 for primary schools

New Year performance for kids

Scenario party for kids

Miracles of Santa Claus (7-8 grade)

The scenario of the New Year holiday

"New Year's Eve with friends"

Happy New Year

"Magic Star"

Winter gatherings

"Christmas miracle"

New script

New scenario for schools

Christmas holiday scenario for children 6 - 7 years

New Year party for children 3-4 years

New Year in the 2nd class

Presentation for high school students

Adventures of the Christmas tree.

New Year Carnival

New satirical Carnival extravaganza centuries.

The scenario of the New Year holiday

Shorty visiting Santa Claus

New Year's vanity

Seven Keys

Lottery Carnival

Happy New Year!

I Love u, Rashn People!

In the New Year

New Year couplets

In a circle of friends

Song dedications staff

Games and fun for the disco

New Year Carnival

Keys to the new year

Hello, new year!

Showdown at the Christmas tree

"New Year's detective"

New Exotic tour

Christmas lights or witches leprosy

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