Russian JSC asked the Court of Arbitration (2009)

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Description Russian JSC asked the Court of Arbitration (2009)

Objective 1

Russian JSC appealed to the Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation with a claim against a British firm which has unilaterally changed the range of products supplied and thus violated the treaty for the International Sale. The plaintiff relied on the norms of the Civil Code, while the defendant based his objections to the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980

Determine the applicable law and to resolve the dispute, given that the parties have chosen as such by Russian law, and the UK is not involved in the Vienna Convention.

Task 2

After the death of a Russian citizen K. remained villa in France, the money to a Swiss bank account in the amount of 100 thousand. USD., Home in Cyprus, 4-bedroom apartment in Russia, as well as several cars, which at the time of death were K. Russia, France, Cyprus. Will has not been compiled. On property K. claimed his two adult children from his first marriage and three young children from his second marriage, and their mother - the second wife of K.

Determine the applicable law to inherit, given that all claims brought in a Russian court. Are there any problems with the execution of the decision of the Russian court? In some states it is expedient courts to sue of the dispute?

Objective 3

Russian citizen, while abroad, married to a citizen of Yemen, which at that time was already married.

Will the marriage recognized in Russia (legislation allows polygamous marriages in Yemen)?

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