Российское унитарное предприятие (2009)

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Description Российское унитарное предприятие (2009)

Objective 1

Russian Unitary Enterprise "Oboroneksport" to participate in the demonstration flights at air show held in France exports from the customs territory of the Russian Federation four new Su-29.

What is the customs regime to be applied and what conditions should be taken when placing goods under the regime?

Task 2

Perm company "Troika" (the importer) has signed a contract of sale with one of the firms located in Finland, the supply of goods in Perm. Delivery of goods through the checkpoint on the border-Torfyanovka (Vyborg Customs) - road to Perm (Perm route).

What customs operations should be held in the place of arrival of goods to the Russian Federation to the destination?

Objective 3

Chelyabinsk company "Korund" submitted to the department of customs clearance and customs control, Chelyabinsk customs declaration and documents on goods imported into the customs territory of the Russian Federation. If you check the data on the goods a customs officer discovered an error in the customs declaration, including invalid code TN VED. A representative of the company "Korund", without giving an explanation, demanded the return of the declaration to amend the information. Having been refused, he claimed that specified in the declaration and to determine the classification code TN VED required to customs officials.

Are the actions of the representative of the company "Korund" and customs officials?

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