RFEI Control Theory of Economic Analysis 3 ass.

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Description RFEI Control Theory of Economic Analysis 3 ass.

Kontrollnaya work RFEI Theory of Economic Analysis. It consists of 3 job. Rated 5 points.

Task 1: You need to carefully read the statements given in the table, and next to each indicate whether it is true or false.

Proposals that are true in your opinion, a plus mark, and false - negative.

1. Economic Analysis - is the scientific way of knowing the essence of the economic ... etc.

Task 2: The definitions for 22 terms. You need to carefully read each definition and write in the table on the following page, the concept in question. ....


1.Mnozhestvo elements are interconnected and operate under strict laws.

2.Prevyshenie proceeds from the sale of goods and services over the cost of production and sale of these products.

etc. ...

Task 3: Answer the questions in writing.

1. What role does the economic analysis in business management?

2. Why is it necessary to conduct an economic analysis of economic activity of the enterprise?

3. What does the economic analysis?

4. What are the sciences inextricably linked to the economic analysis?

5. Name the subject and object of economic analysis.

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