RFEI. Concepts of modern science. 32 Problems.

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RFEI. Concepts of modern science. Final exam. External studies

The first question:

1. Cybernetics - the science:

a) the establishment of thinking robots;

b) on the management;

c) both answers are correct.

2. What does the principle of Heisenberg causes any attempt to improve the accuracy of measurement?

a) change the state of the substance;

b) to change the unit of measurement;

c) to improve the measurement accuracy.

Z. Does the company operate successfully without a plan?

a) can, if it is a self-organizing system;

b) can not;

c) both answers are wrong.

Recent topics:

31. What is wealth?

a) the formation of a material which, thanks to the embedded in it information that increases the usefulness of energy increases the likelihood of extending the life of man and the universe;

b) is the money, diamonds, gold and similar items;

c) it is what a person feels the need.

32. What is wealth?

a) only information;

b) only of matter;

c) only of energy;

g) of the material structure, useful energy and information.

Additional information

During the test were rated "excellent"

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