Раскройте понятие и виды подсудности (2010)

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Description Раскройте понятие и виды подсудности (2010)

Task number 1

Expand the concept and the types of legal jurisdiction cases. What are the consequences of non-compliance and justify the rules of jurisdiction.

Task number 2

Describe the need for the participation of third parties in the process. Point differences of third parties and the parties to each other.

Problem number 1

Sued for alimony he said he doubted his fatherhood. The judge suggested the defendant to issue a counter-claim, but the defendant refused, citing a lack of money to pay the state fee, medical expertise and counsel.

The next day, after the judgment for alimony defendant issued its demands in the form of a counter-claim, but the judge denied his decision, pointing out that after the adoption of the decision of the counterclaim is not allowed.

The defendant does not agree with the refusal, as the court decision on alimony has not yet entered into force.

Who is right in this situation?

What are the conditions the court counterclaim?

Problem number 2

In the case of recovery of debt in the amount of 130 thousand. Rub. the plaintiff asked the court to accept as evidence a video of the birth of his wife, during which the defendant asked him to borrow money, promising to return within a week.

The defendant objects to the investigation by the court recording, assuming that the loan agreement can be confirmed only by written evidence that the plaintiff is not.

Who has the rights of the parties?

Whether in this case the video to confirm the facts included in the subject of proof?

What is the order of the court investigation video?

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