Rafael Sabatini. Captain Blood

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A former soldier and bachelor of medicine from the English town of Bridgewater, by the will of fate falls on hard labor. Thanks to another accident becoming a famous pirate and a real terror of the Caribbean sea, whose outstanding talents in the conduct of naval battles, the ability to subdue the unrestrained and brutal pirates, agility, and luck was forced to tremble with delight and terror of the Spaniards and the French. However, no matter what, Peter blood for a four-year exile and forced wanderings have kept the love for their homeland and the will to live, which at first treated him so unfairly. The story of doctor blood, became by the will of an unjust justice, a convict, and then a pirate, is one of the most exciting adventure novels in world literature.

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Color illustrations of the Publishing house "Veche", 2002 Artist: Saveliev E.

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