Presidential elections in the US

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Description Presidential elections in the US


Political Science

Subject: Presidential elections in the United States. Procedure. Requirements to the candidate. Rights and obligations.


Introduction. The role of elections in a democratic political system 2

1. The presidential election in the United States 4

2. The Electoral College USA 4

Survey 4

The composition of the board 5

Resolution of complex cases 6

The debate about the Electoral College 6

Arguments "for" 6

The arguments "against" 8

The role of "swing states» (swing states) 8

Inequality voters 9

3. The President of the United States 10

Admission requirements 10

Election 11

The order of the President of the 12 vacancies

Earnings 13

Residence 13

13 Oath

Powers and duties 14

Termination of powers 15

Conclusion 16

Sources 18

Number of sources - 8

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