Practice recognition of physical evidence (2008)

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Description Practice recognition of physical evidence (2008)


Introduction 3

Practice recognition of physical evidence 4

Conclusion 8

Task 1 October

Against Gerasimenko criminal case under Part. 1 tbsp. 158 of the Criminal Code for committing theft washers, two grilles with the car "Zhiguli VAZ-2106" belonging Seleznev.

During the search Gerasimov was found a lot of parts and assemblies to the car "Zhiguli" of different modifications, cash in the amount of 25,000 rubles and a savings book with the contribution of 90,000 rubles.

What are the rules of registration and storage of evidence found? By whom and in what order should be determined the fate of these objects, money and documents?

The task of February 16

In the case of burglaries committed in the house №15 on Lenin Street, was arrested on the market with a variety of things underclothes Ivanov. Seized from him the things presented to victims that they have identified.

Produced at the apartment search warrant discovered Ivanova keychain. Available in three protocols of investigative experiments is seen that the three keys of this ligament, respectively, came to the apartment, which had been committed theft.

Witnesses Pugovkin, Enin, Kovalev showed that April 15, 2005 about 17 hours have seen coming out of the entrance of a citizen with a suitcase in his hand and told about his superstitions. During the identification Ivanov was recognized by them.

For the case had been included in a copy of the judgment of conviction Ivanova in 1998 under Art. 158 of the Criminal Code for burglary.

How in this case, to gather evidence incriminating Ivanova of theft?

What is the significance of the case is referred to a copy of the judgment and past criminal records Ivanova?

List of sources used and literature 18

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