PAYDAY 2: GOTY Edition (25 in 1) [Steam Gift/RU+CIS]

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Included items (25): PAYDAY 2, PAYDAY 2: The Official Soundtrack, PAYDAY 2: Gage Sniper Pack, PAYDAY 2: Gage Mod Courier, PAYDAY 2: Armored Transport, PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack # 01, PAYDAY 2: A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack, PAYDAY 2: The Shadow Raid Heist, PAYDAY 2: The Charlie Santa Heist, PAYDAY 2: The Diamond Store Heist, PAYDAY 2: The Infamy Update, PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack # 02, PAYDAY 2: The Death Wish Update, PAYDAY 2: The Election Day Heist, PAYDAY 2: The Big Bank Heist, PAYDAY 2: Gage Shotgun Pack, PAYDAY 2: The Gage Assault Pack, PAYDAY 2: The Hotline Miami, PAYDAY 2: John Wick Character Pack, PAYDAY 2: Old Hoxton Character Pack, PAYDAY 2: The Hoxton Breakout Heist, PAYDAY 2: Gage Historical Pack, PAYDAY 2: The Diamond Heist, PAYDAY 2: Clover Character Pack, PAYDAY 2: The OVERKILL B-Sides Soundtrack

PAYDAY crew - Dallas, Hoxton, Wolfgang, Cossacks and the Cossacks, who is a warrior on the board of the epic crime spree.

If you’re trying to find out what to do, then you’ll be happy. While in DC, why not participate in a few political errands?

Co-ordinates It makes it possible for you to keep your guns and gears.
Key Features
If you want to go on a trip, it’s important to get your crew to go carefully.
If you’re a little bit harsh, you’ll be able to pick up your choice.
Playsday Guns Play and Mechanics on a New Level - Civilians never felt so good.
Dynamic Scenarios - Plays the way out again. Every single scenario has random geometry or even rare events.
Skill Trees: Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, Technician and Fugitive. It is a mix of mattresses to create the ultimate heister.
There are a lot of different combinations of masks than ever for a combination of combinations of combinations.
Snoops and compact rifles to compact PDWs and SMGs. Once you have settled it, you can modify it with the optics, suppressors, fore grips, There are also walnut grips for your nine?
Play it Your Way - Each job allows for multiple approaches, such as slow and stealthy ambushes, to run in guns blazing. Hit the target accordingly.
More than 70 updates since the game. Every month offers DLC as PAYDAY 2

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