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  • Загружен: 05.12.2014 21:42:36
  • Содержимое: текст 29 байт

Pahelika: Revelations is an Adventure Puzzle game that focusses on Exploration and Puzzle Solving.

The puzzles are varied, inventive, and if we do say so ourselves: clever. And most of them are not easy. You´ve been warned.

The game art is beautiful, and is very immersive and atmospheric. The music is awesome, we absolutely recommend using a Headphone while playing Pahelika: Revelations.

★ Story ★
Fresh from his success in obtaining the magic book Pahelika, Sudesh Budkoti thought he would be getting some well earned rest. He thought wrong. Not only was he not about to get any rest, he would be called upon to save the world from an ancient evil he himself had unleashed…

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Игра активируется в системе Desura

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