Old Chatterbox, Level 1

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Chatterbox - this multi-level, fun gameplay English language course for children. It aims to acquire communicative child communication skills in a foreign language. The abundance of songs schitalok, rifmovok, social and cultural information, a detective story, play make English lessons interesting and informative, but at the same time cheerful and relaxed. The course Chatterbox students learn the alphabet, studying topics such as family, clothes, animals, body parts, shapes, colors, counting, food, objects in the classroom, and so on. D. Children learn to meet and communicate in a foreign language, starting with the preparation of the simplest statements dialogic and monologue speech, sing, read and memorize the structure of a foreign language by multiple repetition of the teacher or speaker on the record.
Description: Each level includes a tutorial with colorful pictures and fun characters, a notebook for writing assignments, drive to listen to new grammatical and lexical units, handout.

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