Minor Brooks (13 years) at the time of (2008)

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Description Minor Brooks (13 years) at the time of (2008)

Problem number 1

Minor Brooks (13) during a break in the school knocked Savin (7 years), resulting in the girl received a head injury. Mother of the victim filed a lawsuit against the parents streams for reimbursement for the purchase of medicines. The court allowed the claim, explaining the decision that the defendants failed to prove their guilt in the absence of a proper education of his son, was registered with the Inspectorate of the juvenile and are not, according to the court, law-abiding.

Evaluate the actions of the court. Identify the stakeholders.

Problem number 2

Decree of the Head of the regional administration chairman of the regional government Petrov was dismissed. Petrov brought an action for reinstatement in the District Court. However, the judge of the district court refused to accept the claim, referring to the fact that Petrov was appointed in accordance with the Charter of the field. Petrov decided that such an action is subordinated to the authorized court.

Determine the jurisdiction of the dispute.

Problem number 3

Ivanov appealed to the court for refutation of information discrediting the honor and dignity and compensation for moral damages in the amount of 20 thousand. Rub. Potapov and a weekly edition of "Dawn." April 2 court decided to satisfy the demand for refutation of defamatory information. April 6 Potapov appealed chute on the decision in a higher court.

Apr. 12 Ivanov filed for an additional judgment in the part of claims for compensation for moral damage. April 16 this statement was granted in favor of Ivanov was recovered five thousand. Rub. for non-pecuniary damage. The weekly edition of "Dawn" has filed an appeal against the additional decision on 26 April. The next day, the district court received a complaint from Ivanova.

Are there grounds for making further decisions?

Are the adoption of these appeals?

Observing the terms and procedure for submission of appeals?

From what time period is calculated to lodge a complaint?

Can the decision be appealed further?

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