Methodology Oracle (Method Oracle - OM) Part 2

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Description Methodology Oracle (Method Oracle - OM) Part 2

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Methodology Oracle (Method Oracle - OM) is the basis for the creation of system solutions within the enterprise using the best approaches and technologies to achieve business goals of the company. The method includes Oracle best practices of various business solutions, technological and organizational problems. Being an advanced and based on the experience of Oracle in more than 20,000 projects in media customers worldwide, Oracle provides a method of moving, integrated processes that can be used if necessary to address any issues that face the organization. Since the improvement of IT strategy and ending with the reorganization of business processes, design, development and implementation of information systems, the method of Oracle makes the organization of today's thriving and providing for future challenges.

Method Oracle is a collection of many years of experience and shows a willingness to Oracle to continuous improvement processes. All materials on a method developed by leading Oracle consultants and have an advantage over the best methods. This design approach the customer provides the following:

· Speeds up the project planning process and increases the efficiency of the overall work plans and experience

· The best definition of work

· Estimates based on and modified in accordance with the real experience and knowledge

· The results that can be shared and reused

· Reducing the number of cases of repetition of work already done

Contents Part 2:

Method of application deployment (AIM) 3

What is AIM? 3

Processes AIM method 3

AIM 8 Phases of the project

An approach for the implementation of the project 12

Project Management AIM 22

Method development Database (DWM) 26

Introduction 26

Basic concepts of DWM 32


Introduction 40

Basic concepts of PJM 48



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Part 2

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