MEI practical tasks statistics part 2

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Task 1.

You are a tax inspector, and you mandated to check the data of the continuous registration of commercial tents in your area. Total registered with the tax authorities is worth 1,000 tents ...

Task 2.

You Employee Center for the Study of Public Opinion. In addition, in the shower you are an avid player. On the nose presidential election and before you the results of a survey conducted by two independent companies ..

Task 3.

You are head of the credit department of the bank. Faced with no return loans, you decide to continue to lend only to firms that are "similar" to those ...

Task 4.

You entrepreneur. As your property is a garage for four seats. Besides at your disposal tank with gasoline that fills you ...

Task 5.

You are a broker company, which is engaged in the sale of shares of mining companies in Russia. For you to contact the customer for you to give him advice about buying a stake in the company for the extraction of zinc ...

Task 6.

You - an employee of the insurance company. On your company unstable work computers. Management has decided to immediately check them. But money is not so much that they sprayed ...

Task 7.

You are a novice trader (currency dealer). You have not decided yet on which of the currencies will play. But you are holding US $ 1,000, 700 German marks, 500 pounds ..

Task 8.

You - a member of a group of independent experts. You studied the issues of inequality and poverty in Russia. Research data of your group of experts are summarized in Table ...

Task 9.

The public is not satisfied with your previous calculations (reference 11). She yearns for a more reasoned and detailed calculations ...

Task 10.

Based on the data to determine the average selling rate of the US dollar ...

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