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McPixel - is a fun point-and-click adventure game made in
large-pixel style in which you expect a hundred levels, a few
endings and 20 seconds for passing each level, but rather on the adoption

Depending on your choice of a decision within 20
seconds depend subsequent events in the game. Can you open the "most
best "ending ?!

McPixel - a fun game in the genre point´n´click adventure. It is as if you
took the old games from Lucas Arts, have put them in a blender and added to in
They and a few shovels of gunpowder roketnogo fuel.
The game has 100 levels, and for 20 seconds on each pass.
If you make the wrong decision - the level explodes and you start the next one, so
It lasts until you pass game. Party contain 6 levels,
which are repeated in a circle, since the passage of the 100 levels in a row
Crazy testers.
Levels in MakPiksele very diverse.
Deserted island, alien spaceship, star death, school,
train, plane, stadium, drainage, lighthouse. Well, just a lot of things! And this
all explode at the end ... Well, if you do something!
And do not think that the solution is obvious! It still point´n´click adventure game!
Only without any dialogues, monologues and other text. Once a chat,
when you have only 20 fucking seconds! Therefore, instead of
make unnecessary conversation MakPiksel just kicks in the balls!

 MAD 100 levels.
 Bonuses and secrets.
 Free DLC for everyone.
 Switchable filter pixels
 Level Editor
 The largest pixel on the market today.
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