MAY, SAC-58, TBA 57 e

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The program is designed to calculate the hour angle of Aries point, declination, altitude and azimuth of the stars and assess their accuracy.

Initial data are:

Ship observation time;

date of observation;

time zone;

Amendment chronometer;

Latitude schislimaya;

Longitude schislimaya;

number of stars for May.

Output data are:

Greenwich time monitoring;

hour angle point of Aries;

Starry addition;


local hour angle;

schislimaya height;

schislimy azimuth.

The structure of the construction of settlements:

The calculation of the Gregorian calendar;

Calculate the hour angle point of Aries;

Calculation of stellar additions;

The calculation of the local time is fragile;

Calculation of decline;

Calculation schislimoy height;

Calculation schislimogo azimuth;

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