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Mask Surf Pro - an easy-to-use program for anonymity on the Internet, based on open technology Tor (The Onion Router). Tor - is a project that develops open technology anonymity of the new generation, is designed to provide the highest level of anonymity to all users who are interested in it. Mask Surf Pro transmits the information encrypted channel between servers Tor, which are specially designed for anonymous communication and distributed worldwide. This provides an uncompromising level of security of transmitted information. This edition of the Mask Surf is intended for users who want to control all aspects of their anonymity in the Internet. Among the features Mask Surf Pro - choice of spoofed IP the desired country, which provides the ability to control access to the different sections of the country are sensitive to user sites and web services, as well as to circumvent such restrictions. Also in this edition there is the ability to specify their own tests of anonymity that cause you the most confidence.
Mask Surf Pro - an ideal choice for those who want to control all aspects of their anonymity on the Web.
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Additional information

The program is for non-commercial use on one computer for life. Do not be updated. No Help Desk.
Unpack the archive. Install the program, enter the key (teht.fayl). We use. Instructions
can be found on YouTube.

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