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1. Individual goldsmith workshop: the device, equipment, facilities.

1.1 Instrumentation: jewelry tools and appliances

1.2 Necessary chemicals

1.3 Summary of the fluxes

2. The precious and non-ferrous metals: technology for producing alloys and blanks are

2.1 Precious metals and their alloys

2.2 Base non-ferrous metals and their alloys

3. Probirovanie precious metals and their alloys and products from them


5. Installation of the elements of jewelry

6. The technology of manufacture of concrete products in the shop

6.1 Example of manufacturing chains without soldering

6.2 Example of manufacturing chains using Soldering

6.3 Hollow Chain Brigandine

6.4 Chain Garibaldi

6.5 EXAMPLE manufacture laths

6.6 Example of a simple fabrication booths

6.7 Production of wedding rings

6.8 Production of gold and silver chains. Required equipment

6.9 Weave chains and jewelry wire

7. Manufacturing of jewelry with stones and other jewelry inserts

7.1 Gems

7.2 Semi-Precious Stones

7.3 Precious stones

7.4 Harvesting, processing, tack stones

7.5 Production and processing of synthetic precious stones

7.6 Photo gallery of products.

8. Making a desktop foundry.

9. Manufacture of small-sized high-frequency setting for melting of metals

10. Production of compact muffle furnace

11. Homemade furnaces

12. Electroplating

13. Electroplating

13.1 Electroplating - the beginning of the adventure

13.2 electroforming technology

13.3 The simplest system for plating metal surfaces

13.4 Silver-Metal

13.5 Silver-colored metal.

13.6 Silver-conductors and components

13.7 Protection of silver items from tarnishing.

13.8 Gilding metal

13.9 platinized metals

13.10 Nickel-plated metal

13.11 bronzing metals

13.12 Bronzirovka and gilt wood

13.13 Creating a decorative and protective coatings electroplated.

14. Creative analysis in the creation of jewelry

14.1 Creating a model

14.2 Manufacture of prototype

14.3 Models of plaster

14.4 Models of pitches

14.5 Models of metal

15. The method of molding in the lost wax model

16. Causes of defects in jewelry making molding and their removal

17. Production of rubber molds

18. Sculptural waxes for sculpting, carving and gravity casting

19. Materials and equipment for making wax models.

19.1 molding composition for sculptors

19.2 epoxy clay for modeling

20. The use of laser technology material processing in the jewelry industry

21. Guilloche

22. Casting with stones

22.1 The twenty most popular questions about casting stones.

23. Repair and restoration of jewelry without stones

23.1 Earrings

23.2 Repair and restoration of jewelry with stones

24. Links to the Internet

25. File FAQ (correspondence with one jeweler, working at home).

This material will allow you to learn about the work of jewelers. Simplicity and a large number of drawings allow, without any preparation to try your hand at this fascinating craft. This is an excellent material for the creation of their home production of jewelry. The book contains a large number of diagrams, drawings and photos. It is compiled from various sources, including from the many books devoted to jewelry business. Size: 1,92 Mb. Volume: 119 p. 10 font.

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