MAKING infra red port and DATA-CABLE AT HOME

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Infrared - a wireless device to connect your mobile phone (or other device) with a personal computer. Schematic diagram. Placing elements. For connecting to a PC. Photos. Data Cable - special cable to connect your mobile phone to a PC. These devices will be pumped into the mobile phone ringtones and pictures to record information on your PC with a mobile phone (address book, SMS-messages). Volume: 52 pages. Size of archive: 969 kb.



Option One

Option Two

2. Data Cables

Basic definitions.

Driving data cable in just two transistors.

Part one.

Diagrams data cable FET.

Part two.

Driving data cable, only for phones Sony Jxx Series (Option 1).

Part Three.

Driving data cable, not deficient in the details (option 2).

Schemes of the data cable on discrete elements.

1. Option One.

2. Option Two.

3. The third variant.

Setting up a data cable with a tester ("iron" setting).

Setting up a data cable.

Thus, preparations for setting up.

The setup procedure.

Software configuration to work with the data cable.

Getting set up.

Now we proceed to check how the phone reacts to AT commands.

How to use "HyperTerminal".

How to use "AT-Scan".

How does the phone connector and circuit switch it on.

Let's start first with the switching circuits.

Pin assignment.

Possible configurations for the phone connector.

Now let's see what's inside the connector itself.

Resuscitation five-volt data cable (adapter cable to recharge).

Option One

Option Two

Driving data cable to the MAX232

Driving data cable to the MAX3232

Driving data cable to the MAX207

Driving data cable on the chip 74LS14 and its analogues.

Plans collected data cables on various other elements and circuits.

Cable schematic on-chip type 74HC04 and analogues.

Data Cables collected on specialized chips.

How do I get the data cable marked type RTM60301 (02), only for phones such as Sony Jxx series.

Putting adapter

Next, how to check the performance of the whole structure?

Software for cable and mobile phone.


"It is not business."

Service software.

Now, how to "flash" phone.

Programming procedure:

Driving Cable SIEMENS C25

Driving cable ERICSSON Txx

Driving Cable SAMSUNG Rxx

Driving Cable SAMSUNG SGH600 / 2100db

Driving cable ERICSSON A1018, 8xx, Txx

Driving FLASHERa for NOKIA

Driving cable for NOKIA 8210 and 8850

Driving cable for NOKIA 6110 and 5110


Interface cable for SIEMENS-25/35/45/50

Driving universal data cable

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