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Your purchase will be equivalent to the acquisition of a universal card recharged Internet / Telephony - from "LANCK Telecom (Moscow - Telephony, St. Petersburg - Internet / telephone).

After payment you will get s / n (serial number) and PIN-code cards for access to "LANCK Telecom".

Existing maps denominations: 50, 100, 200, 400 rubles.

Cost of one hour of Internet access on a universal card - 25 rubles

Validity of cards - 180 days from the date of activation or last recharge.

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1. A call by an operator (If your body. The device has no function DTMF)

Dial the number in St. Petersburg: (812) 333-0131

Call operator PIN-code, call direction, and the local phone number.

2. Call with card payphones "Metrokom"

To make a long distance / international calls from card payphones Metrokom located in the metro, phone cards are not required:

Dial the access number in St. Petersburg: (812) 333-0001

Follow the voice menu "LANCK Telecom".

3. Call a telephone with tone dialing function

Dial the number to access the service:

in St. Petersburg (812) 333-0001

Moscow (095) 787-3778

Set your phone to tone dialing by pressing "*" or «tone».

Enter the PIN-code (13 digits). After the input, press "#"

Dial the local phone number:

- For long-distance calls, type the area code and phone number. At the end of the set, press the "#"

- For international calls dial 10, country code, area code and phone number. At the end of the set, press the "#"

If you make a mistake when entering PIN-code or dialing, press "*", and try again.


Modem pools:

in St. Petersburg: (812) 333-5497, 333-0017 and 333-0019

Guest login:

Username: lanck

Password: lanck

Go to the site and select "New User Registration"

Time guest entrance 15 minutes. If you do not have time to register, re-establish the connection and continue.

After registration you will automatically open a personal account in the "LANCK Telecom", which will be credited with the amount corresponding to the face value of the activated card. After registration you are also assigned a unique network details - username and password - you will use in the future to access the Internet, view statistics and manage a personal account.

Department on work with clients:

Saint Petersburg - (812) 325-8888

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