L. Williams. Long-Term Secrets short-term trading.

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Short-term trading - the approach taken by the majority of traders in the game on the market. This makes it possible to me¬tod largest financial income, but at the same time it is the most difficult challenge that requires constant attention and vigilance, as well as the very strict planning. Written by Larry Williams, the most recognized and popular technical analyst last three desyati¬lety, this innovative book in - his first in nearly a decade - offers the basics, reliable and profitable short-term trading, revealing the advantages and disadvantages of such a productive, but still potentially dangerous enterprise .

Sharing his years of experience tempered and successful trader, Williams offers his po¬nimanie market on a wide range of topics: from the chaos and speculation to the mobility market and breakthroughs stereotypes profits. Under his expert guidance you will learn about the basic principles dvizhu¬schih markets of the three most dominant cycles, when out of the transaction and before the end so¬hranyat winning position in the selected time frame.

Along with a deep analysis of the most effective strategies for short-term trading and podrob¬nym better description of the theory and practice of capital management, "Long-term trade secrets kratko¬srochnoy" include Williams winning technical indicators, as well as his thoughts on a wide range of topics. Here are some examples:

• «In the short-term trader has one goal: to catch the current market trend. That's all. It eto- all you have to try to do "!

• «The narrower the scope of the time period of your trade, the less money you'll make," (continued on back turn) (the beginning of a turn in the front)

• «You do not start making a lot of money until you learn to hold on to winning trades, and the longer you stay, the greater your potential for profit .... It takes time to make money, regardless of the type of activity."

• «Wealth is not created solely by successful market entry. It also requires pravil¬nogo capital management. "

• «I think you should be afraid of the market and to be afraid of myself .... Without fear there is no respect, and if you do not uva¬zhaete markets and are not afraid of yourself, you will become another blind man's buff in a long list of losses in the vast markets razbro¬sannyh commodity futures. "

Full of invaluable knowledge, precise rules and formulas, as well as helpful tips one of today naibo¬lee respected market players, this comprehensive and practical resource will osno¬voy for your "gospel" short-term trading

Larry Williams - known trader, writer and editor of the newsletter and upra¬vlyayuschy finances. He is a regular winner of the World Cup championship in futures trading Robbins, who made $ 10,000 from $ 1,100,000 in less than twelve months. He was a member So¬veta Directors of the National Futures Association and twice put forward a candidate for election to the US Senate from the state of Montana. Mr. Williams is published in publications such as Barren's, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune, it is one of the most widely cited and avtori¬tetnyh consultants over the last twenty-five years.

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