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I. Determining the molecularness (M) and the order (II) of the reaction, based on the equation for the reaction Fe2O3 (kp) + 3CO (z) = 2Fe (Kp) + 3CO2 (g). How will the speed of the direct reaction change with increasing pressure 3 times.
2. The constant rate of sucrose hydrolysis at 25 ° C is 3.2 * 10-3 h-1

a) the time for which 10% of the initial amount of sucrose will be hydrolysed;

b) what part of the sucrose will undergo hydrolysis after 5 days;

c) half-life.

3. The half-life of the substance in the first-order reaction at 323.2 K is 100 minutes, and at 353.2 K, 15 minutes. Calculate the temperature

coefficient of the rate constant of this reaction.

4. In the presence of a catalyst and t = 37 ° C, the activation energy is reduced by 45 kJ / mol. In this case, the reaction rate will change.

5. Kinetics of complex reactions. Sequential and conjugate reactions. The concept of a limiting stage.

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